Frequent questions

We collect all questions and information about Jurídica Aérea

How can I find out the status of my claim?

At any time you can send an email to [email protected]. Our workers will proceed to review your file and inform you as soon as possible. You can also inform about the status of your claim in the following telephone numbers: 91 070 98 08 - 644 23 60 88

How do I contract the services of Jurídica Aérea?

To make the claim you can use several channels. The first to make the claim online through our website at the following link: You can also make the claim by telephone in the following numbers: 91 070 98 08 - 644 23 60 88

I do not keep the ticket, what can I do?

To claim it is necessary to have boarding pass or confirmation of reservation (itinerary or email confirmation of purchase). The last resource to be able to make the claim without these documents is to have a passport with the stamp of entry or exit of a country of origin or destination of the flight where the incident was suffered.

Do I have to accept the discounts that the airline offers me?

Compensation established by law must be paid in cash. The discounts can always be accepted by valuing that if they are accepted, the money set by European law can no longer be claimed. It is best that you consult us and we will tell you exactly how much you will charge and evaluate yourself if you accept discounts as compensation for your incident on the flight.

How much does it charge Jurídica Aérea for its services?

Our services do not have any initial costs for you. At the end of the process we deduct 25% (plus VAT) of your compensation only if we win. In most cases we have reached an amicable agreement with the airline. When this happens, we will deduct 25% (+ VAT) of the compensation obtained. When in the improbable case it is necessary to go to court if you can not go yourself there may be additional expenses of which we will inform you.

Why Jurídica Aérea?

Jurídica Aérea has set itself the objective of defending the rights of passengers in cases of delays, cancellations and overbooking, by claiming their rights without any risk or expense for the passenger. When you directly try to claim your rights, it often happens that in addition to being involved in a long and troublesome process, you are obliged to pay numerous expenses in your claim against the airline. The airline takes into account the lack of information and knowledge that assists the passenger, and very often employs dilatory tactics of the process to lose the patience of the passenger and finally make them give up their claim. Due to its legal expertise, it avoids all these problems and provides security, tranquility to its customers and, most importantly, the highest compensation possible.

What does Jurídica Aérea do?

Juridica Aérea analyzes the legal feasibility of each case. Collect the necessary documentation and proof of the incident. Then makes a claim through a judicial process demanding the corresponding compensation for the passenger. Finally, when the indemnity is recovered, it will be entered into the bank account of our customers.