Did you know that facing an overbooking, you are entitled to compensation up to €600?

Compensation for overbooking

They have not let me boarding the plane

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Your are entilted to between €250 and €600 of economic compensation depending on the distance of the flight.

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Our services do not have any initial costs for you.
25% (plus VAT) of your compensation only if we win.
In most cases we have reached a friendly agreement with the airline. When it happens, we will deduct 25% (+ VAT) of the compensation obtained.
When it is necessary to go to court, you will be charged an additional € 15 + VAT for administrative expenses that will be deducted from your compensation together with our fees.






People claiming

Overbooking, also known as oversolding of tickets or denied boarding, is an abusive practice used by airlines that more than one passenger has had to suffer.

The airlines claim that a significant number of customers book flights that they do not take at the end, and that they must assume important economic bias. There is a case where airlines do not even tell the traveler the real reason why boarding the plane was denied.

In the event that you are denied boarding for overbooking, you are entitled to a minimum compensation of between €250 and €600.

Regardless of passenger compensation, denied boarding imply that airlines must reimburse the entire ticket or allow the traveler to continue his journey in order to reach his final destination under similar transportation conditions.