A problem happened with my luggage

Did you know that the delays, loss or damage of your luggage give you the right to compensation up to €1300?

Compensation for a problem with luggage

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You are entitled up to € 1300 of compensation according to the Special Drawing Rights (SDR).

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How to claim with Jurídica Aérea

Before starting the flight delay form, we recommend you having the flight documentation (boarding pass, flight purchase invoice, DNI on both sides, along with communications with the airline) scanned (or photo taken) and the Reference number PIR.

Once the delayed flight has been checked, we will proceed to sue for suitcase problems.

Approximately in 4 or 5 months you will have your economic compensation.






People claiming

Luggage problems can be called damages, delays or lost luggage and the airline is solely responsible for the prejudice suffered.

However, in order to claim compensation, you must ask for the PIR (Baggage Irregularity Part) number at the airport. Without this statement, it will be presumed that the luggage has been hired properly.

In case of delay or loss of luggage, the PIR must be written within 21 days, but it is highly recommended to do so at the same time before leaving the airport.

If you have had problems with your luggage, you have a period of 7 days from your arrival at the destination to file the PIR.

If the airline takes more than 21 days to deliver your luggage, it will be considered lost and the amount will be higher.

To know the amount of the economic compensation (up to €1300), it is highly recommended to present the original invoices of the objects in the luggage.