How to claim your rights in the event of a flight delay or cancellation

Jurídica Aérea


Have you ever suffered a flight delay or cancellation? In this article we would tell you what your rights are in case you suffer a flight delay for more than 3 hours or a cancellation. Here in this little article we are going to tell you how you can claim your rights in the event of a flight delay or cancellation.


The first option is to claim directly from the airline.

Because by law, if you have suffered any of these problems, the airline automatically compensates you; so, the natural thing is to go directly to the airline, ask for the claim sheet, process it and claim your money. It should be a simple and quick process, but unfortunately this is not so.


The reality is that airlines in 80% of cases tell their passengers, that the delays were due to causes beyond the airline and that there is no compensation. Taking advantage of the ignorance of the passengers. In the other 20% of cases, the claims are ignored or simply apologize, without paying any compensation.


The second option is to complain to an airport entity (such as AENA).

This option has very limited utility. Since the resolutions of these entities have no coercive power with the airlines. And by not being able to force them to pay, the airlines could say that no compensation is forthcoming and that would end the claim process.


The third option is to initiate a judicial process

This is the most effective route, initiating a judicial process the airline must prove its lack of responsibility before a judge. It is the most effective, since the airline will no longer have an escape route and must respond to its passengers and pay the compensation money that is due to them by law.


This option is every day the most used by many passengers affected, although it seems a complicated process, there are specialized companies that manage the whole process simply and effectively. The process is so simple, that passengers can process their claim from the comfort of their home, without moving to any court or notary.


In Jurídica Aérea we specialize in this type of cases. We advise FREE to passengers affected by any airline and any problems. If you have ever suffered a delay or cancellation of the flight, write us to [email protected] or call us at 91 070 98 08, we are delighted to help you and to enforce your rights.